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I wonder...

Have you ever saw DBZ (of course you have)
and just wondered about stuff like if that that's Bulma's natural
hair color, and what would Kami look like naked (scary isn't it)?
Of course you have! And that is why I have made a list of the
strange stuff that you and I wonder about DBZ.

Why dosen't Radditz look anything like Goku?

How much screaming will Bulma have to do for
Vegeta to blast her?

What will Radditz look like SSJ3?

Does Radditz have dandruff problem?

Can saiyans get AIDS?

What would the DBZ world be like if Bulma
was never born?

What's Bulma's natural hair color?

Why dosen't Trunks look anything like Vegeta?

What would Piccolo look like naked?

If Goku ate all the fruit from the Tree of Might,
how strong would he be?

Before Vegeta said Piccolo was a namek, did
Piccolo think he was human?

When Frieza was in his final form, was he naked,
or is that some kind of special bady suit?(he
dosen't have anything to show)

Why does King Kai have a car?

Submitted by Garri Green:
How come when the Z fighters fall and they are hanging
on to the edge of a cliff or something, they don't just
fly? ( Wouldn't it stop half of the drama on the show.)

Submitted by DBPanGT:
Wouldn't Goku have the advantage of beating Vegeta?
(He is younger than Vegeta when he go back to earth right?)

Submitted by sheripekel:
How many times can the moon be blasted into tiny pieces?
How many times can the world be blasted into tiny pieces &
still come back?
How much can Goku really eat?

Submitted by drjam21:
Is pikkon a messed up namek?
Why does chouzu look like a doll?
Why are king kai's jokes so corny?
Why did pikkon sound supprised after goku says he'd introduce
him to piccolo?
Why krillin marry 18?
Why does yajirobe live in korin's tower?