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Where's the Food?

By: Sparkles and CaptorSakura89

"Man, there's nothing on. One-hundred channels and nothing." Goku complained.

Goku got up to see what there was to eat.

"Chichi? Where's the food?" he asked.
"Maby we ate it for dinner last night." Chichi said.
"But we were doing something else last night. We didn't have time to eat."

Goku's stomach growled.

"Chichi I'm hungry!" he complained.
"Are you sure you didn't eat it and just forgot about it?"she asked.
"I'm sure. I was with you all last night. How could I have eaten it?" he replyed.
"I'm gonna ask Gohan."

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Android 18 and Krillin walked in.

"Quick!...Krillin! I need food!!"

Goku ran to Krillin and started to panic.

"The refrigerator..." Goku became silent."It''s empty! What am I
going to do?!"

Goku sank to the ground and started to sob.#18 rolled her eyes.

"Pathedic..." she mumbled.

Then Gohan came in.

"Gohan..." Goku said weakly crawling over to him grabing on to his shirt.
"Food...need food..."

Gohan stared at his father confused.

"Gohan, did you eat all the food last night?" Chichi asked.
"No mom. I was with Videl all last night." he said.
"What?!" Chichi raised an eyebrow."You told me you would be at the library
studing for your exam." she said.

Gohan started to panic.

"I was at the library! But Videl was with me! We are in the same class!
What about Goten?! Maby he ate it!"
"Goten didn't eat it. He went to Trunks's slumber party." Chichi said.
"Never mind that!" said Krillin. "What's that smell?! It smells so bad
I don't even have a nose and I can still smell it!.
"I smell it too" said Goku.

They all walked over to the bathroom. Goku opened the door.

"Shut that door Kakarott!!!" Vegeta screamed.

Goku slamed the door.

"Well, I guess we know who ate all the food." Goku said.
"Man, I knew I shouldn't have eaten all those beans..." Vegeta mumbled.