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The Saiyans

Saiyans are a powerful species from the Planet Vegeta.
They are very power, brutal, cruel and uncivilized.
Saiyans have a unique ape-like tail on their backs
that distinguishes from other species. When they
see a full moon, their tails give them the ability
to go into the oozaru form. The oozaru form is a
form in which saiyans turn into gigantic and
extremely strong ape creatures. In order to
return to the normal saiyan form, their tails
must be cut off. Their natural fighting abilities
allows them to easily beat off their enemies. On
their planet, they destroyed the weaker Tuffels
and built rocket ships to blast off to planets
with advanced technology and great wealth. Once
they arrived on a planet, they would take control
of it and become the rulers. The Saiyans' goal were
to capture the best planets and trade it off; they
were somewhat like planet brokers. Although the
saiyans' natural fighting abilities were high, one day,
the evil and powerful Frieza conquered Planet Vegeta
and destroyed Planet Vegeta including all the saiyans.
Luckily, two saiyans survived. One of them was Vegeta,
who was the prince. The other saiyan was Goku, a normal
saiyan who had been on Earth when Planet Vegeta was
destroyed. Only some saiyans can reach a special
status called Super Saiyan. There are four

Levels of Super Saiyan:

Super Saiyan Level 1:
Hair is gold
Super fighter

Super Saiyan Level 2:
Hair is gold and longer
More muscular
Fighting ability increases
More stricter and angrier

Super Saiyan Level 3:
Hair is gold and extremely long
Extremely muscular
Fighting ability extremely high
Even more stricter and angrier

Super Saiyan Level 4:
Hair is black and short
Smaller appearance
Different clothes
Purplish maroon tails
Extremely strict and angry

There is also Ultra Saiyan. That is the level between SS1
and 2. The only people able to go Ultra Saiyan are Goku,
Brolly, and Trunks.