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Strange Quotes

Here you will find quotes from dbz characters.
Once you think about it, they don't really sound right.
Just read them and you will see what I mean.

Cell: "Once I get my fill, i'll stop you myself!"
Krillin: "Yeah, way to stick it to him Gohan!"
Cell: "Its so nice of you to help 16."
Krillin: "Your still one bad dude Goku!"
Goku: "Alright then, I say we go for it!"
Tien: "Hey, these clowns arn't as tough as we thought!"
Krillin: "Oh, oh, I think thinks are about to heat up big time!"
Frieza: "Give me a break! Not this stupid routine again!"
Frieza: "Well I dont' know about you, but i'm ready!"
Trunks: "Well this time i'm not going to stop. Got it!"
Frieza: "I suggest you stand back while you demonstrate."
Gohan: "I can do better Dad, just watch me!"
Goku: "Let's do it!"
Gohan: "This should be good!"
Vegeta: "Alright Kakarrot, let's see what you can do!"
Cell: "I have been waiting for this."
Yamucha: "Goku is just awsome!"
Piccolo: "It almost appears like he's enjoying the
Yamucha: "And so far, it looks like their not even
short of breath!"
Goku: "Bring it on!"
Cell: "You seem to be enjoying yourself!"
Goku: "I will try not to disappoint you!"
Yamucha: "Their speed, it's increadable!"
Vegeta: "You think that's fast, you should see me!"
Cell: "Oh your good!"
Cell: "I supose that is a good enough warm-up."
Krillin: "Do you feel that! Holy cow!!"
Krillin: "Evreyone get down!"
Gohan: "That's it dad, you can do it!!"
Cell: "That's it Goku, show me the true power of
a Super Saiyan!"
Vegeta: "Don't expect me to go easy on you!"
Cell "Your move"
Cell: "Good work Goku."
Cell: "I've got a suprise for you!"
Cell: "It's over when I say it's over!"
Cell: "Am I too fast for you?"
Cell: "How do you like that Goku!"
Cell: "Perhaps this will make things more intresting!"
Cell: "I'll show you!"
Frieza: "Alright big boy, whatever turns you on!"
DBZ Anouncer: "...And Goku left leaving Cell with
a mouth full of dust!"