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Spc Files

In order to play these spc files, you need to
get a spc player. You can get one here.

**All of these files were created by me. If you want
to use them for your site, please give me some credit.**

Suppaa Butoden 3 Description File Size The opening song played. 37KB Character select screen. 39KB A battle theme. 42KB Another battle theme. 52KB Yet another battle theme. 52KB

Legend of the Super Saiyan Description File Size When an emeny appears. 36KB When you fight an enemy. 36KB Theme played when you enter a house. 36KB The main screen theme. 36KB The opening theme. 53KB

Suppaa Butoden 1 Description File Size The theme to the main selection screen. 51KB The opening theme. 51KB A battle theme. 51KB Another battle theme. 51KB Yet another battle theme. 51KB And other battle theme. 51KB And yet another battle theme. 51KB Theme played when you win a battle.