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Midi Files

**All of these files were created by me. If you want
to use them for your site, please give me some credit.**

Name Description File Size Lenght
We were Angles DBZ ending theme 46KB 3:48
Blue Velvet ---------- 110KB 3:51
Chala-head chala DBZ opening theme 70KB 3:17
Dan Dan DBGT opening theme 79KB 3:41
French theme DBZ french opening theme 24KB 2:00
No will power Future Trunks' theme from Final Bout 16KB 0:53
Hitorigai First DBGT ending song 98KB 4:01
Tapion The song Tapion plays 6KB 1:52
We gotta power Second DBZ opening 68KB 3:56
Fusion --------- 62KB 4:21
Don't you see ------ 107KB 4:54
Machine Gun ------ 61KB 4:33
Gohan's Whistle Gohan's whistle theme from Movie 4 6KB 1:11