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Welcome to my site DragonBall Z 2002: Beyond the 3rd Dimension.

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- Original Dragon Ball airing at 5:30 pm on Cartoon Network

- New episodes of DBZ currently airing on the Cartoon Network at 6:00 pm.

- Movie #5 expected in January 2002, #6 to follow shortly thereafter. #5 will not be released theatrically, #6 is unlikely.

- Infogrames/Wizard Works is currently producing the upcoming DBZ games. First game is "The Legacy of Goku" for Game Boy Advance. Due around Christmas 2001.

DragonBall Z 2002 is just a fansite, we did NOT create Dragon Ball,
nor did we have any part in the production process. 2001, Bird Studio/Shueisha,
Toei Animation. Licensed by FUNimation Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved,
or as otherwise directed by FUNimation. This site is not meant to infringe on any
copyrights, it is simply here to encourage people to watch the Dragon Ball series.