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Goku's Birthday Party

By: Sparkles and CaptorSakura89

Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Mirai Trunks were all at Goku's house
planning Goku's party.

Goku walked in the door.

"Hey dad! We got you something for your birthday!" said Gohan.
"Really! What is it!!" Goku said excited.
"You'll see..." said Trunks.

Vegeta went outside and and minute later he came back with a huge birthday cake.

"Are you ready dad!" Gohan said. "There is a girl in the cake!"
"I hope she is young, I wanna get me some phone numbers..." Trunks said.

All of the sudden Bulma poped out the cake.

"Mom?!" Trunks said suprised.
"Bulma, you got some explaining to do..." Vegeta said.
"Man Bulma" Goku said. "You got some nice racks! Yeah! Happy birthday to me!!"