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Race: Saiyan

Power Level: (S. saiyan level 4) 37,000,000 (at the end of DBZ)

Profession: Z warrior, otherwise none

Family: Wife; Chichi, Two sons; Gohan, Goten


Great achievements: 1st to turn into a Super saiyan,
1st to turn into a SS3, first to SS4, 1 tournament win.

Goku is the main character in DBZ. He is an alien, a
Saiyan. He calls himself 'the Saiyan from Earth'. He is
the first Saiyan to ever reach the level of a Super Saiyan,
in the Freeza saga. He is often the one who comes to
save the day in early DBZ, E.G. The Saiyan saga against
Nappa & Vegeta, the Namek saga against the Ginyu Force,
and the Freeza saga. He is married to the strongest woman
on earth, Chichi, and has two sons: Gohan, the first saiyan
to reach SS2, and Goten.