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Race: 1/2 Saiyan, 1/2 Human

Power Level: 42,000,000 (At the end of DBZ)

Profession: Saiya-man/Scientist

Family: Wife; Videl, Daughter; Pan

Great Achievements: First to SS2

Gohan is a very strong fighter in DBZ, mainly because he is
1/2 Saiyan and 1/2 Human, making him stronger than a Saiyan
or Human alone. He starts out as a young boy of four in DBZ,
and Piccolo sees his amazing hidden power as a fighter when
Gohan tries to save his father against Raditz, and trains him.
His fighting skills are slowed because his Mum, Chichi, makes
him study from a young age, turning him into a bit of a coward.
This cost his friends dearly against the Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta,
and Gohan has been trying to make it up to them. Gohan has
always wanted to be a Scientist, and at the end of DBGT, we
find out he eventually becomes what he wanted to be.

Submitted by: ImKong23
Gohan is going to marry Videl and they are going to have a girl who
is going to be a powerful saiyan.