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Curiosity Killed The Cat

By: Sparkles and CaptorSakura89

Vegeta and Goku were training on the gravity room. Bulma
and Chichi were in the garden. Trunks and Goten were in
Bulma's room.

"It's gotta be around here somewhere!" said Trunks.
"I left that toy in here somewhere..."
"Are you sure Trunks?" asked Goten.
"Of course I am sure!" Trunks replyed looking though
his moms closet. "I know I left it in here...hey...what's this?
Goten, come here quick! You gotta see this."
"What is it?" said Goten.
"I don't know. It has foil around it. Maby it is candy." Trunks replyed.
"But Trunks, I've never heard of candy called 'Trojans' before." Goten said.
"I haven't either. But my mom has had it here ever since I can remember.
Let's see what is tasts like." said Trunks.
"Hey Trunks!" yelled Goten. "There is a whole box of them over here."

All of the sudden Vegeta, Goku, Bulma, and Chichi walked in.

"What?! Trunks, Goten!" screamed Bulma.
"Hey!" Vegeta screamed."That is my last box! I need those!"
"You can have some of mine Vegeta." Goku said.
"Oh no he can't!" Chichi yelled.
"But mom!" said Goten. "What are they anyway?"
"Well Goten...." she started. "Well... just watch HBO at midnight tonight,
and that will explain everything."
"Ok, enough of this! Vegeta snatched the box from Trunks. If I ever
see you two in here again..."

And before he could finish Trunks and Goten were running outside.

"Maby we shouldn't tell them about the handcuffs we found under their bed
last night Goten!" Trunks said running.